Ribbon bar not showing in ShoWorks

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Date Added: 3/5/2018


The Ribbon Bar (toolbar at the top of ShoWorks) is hidden.


The computer that ShoWorks is running on is not connected to the Internet

Solution (two methods):

Solution A: Exit ShoWorks and connect your computer to the Internet and then start ShoWorks. Then select Tools>Options>Application and uncheck the box Check for updates each time ShoWorks starts. Once this is turned off, you will no longer need the computer connected to the Internet to run ShoWorks.


Solution B: Run the following custom hotfix to turn off the need for Internet by saving the file below and then double-clicking on the file. You can keep this file handy to use on other machines that are not connected to the Internet. You must run the hotfix, then exit and start ShoWorks again.

Hotfix to turn off the need for Internet: http://fairsoftware.com/downloads/hotfix/fixFixRibbonsNoInternet.swpf


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