ShoWorks Virtual Solutions

ShoWorks Virtual Solutions

A proven track record!

Let the fair go onward! Two extensions of ShoWorks provide virtual solutions for fairs and livestock shows who face unique and challenging times that have arrived in our industry:

Virtual Show  

Online virtual judging of entries via FairVault has already served as a successful ShoWorks staple for hundreds of fairs, earning a proven track record for well over a decade with remarkable results - but only the recent COVID crisis has drawn attention to the benefit of running all or parts of the fair via a Virtual Show. This online judging extension seamlessly ties-in with your existing ShoWorks online entries and uses photos, videos, and documents uploaded by the exhibitor. Judges simply login and judge. The fair sets the criteria and can assign multiple judges. The results can then be streamed as a slide show on your website or Facebook page. E-blasts and push notifications to exhibitors are automated and they instantly receive virtual awards which are beautiful 3D ribbons, belt buckles and trophies that they can show off and share from their iPhone or Android app. FairVault is available now and can be setup and tied into your ShoWorks online entries account within minutes. Contact sales@fairvault.com for more information.

Virtual Auction  

In a call to satisfy the real threat of an otherwise cancellation of your junior livestock auction, ShoWorks has created a new Virtual Auction extension. The value in this application is that the fair continues in the familiar method they have known for years, leading up to the point of where the auction begins. That is, designating which animals will sell, setting a sale order, loading the sale invoices, and registering buyers both online and already in your ShoWorks system. At this point, this sale data is made available on a world-wide scale for any registered buyer to bid (last minute buyers can also ad-hoc register to begin immediate buying). Your auction can run in sequence, all-at-once, or a mixture of both. Photos, videos and live personalities (a virtual "MC" to replace the auctioneer) help generate "buzz" to encourage bidding. Buyers can receive text notifications when they are outbid. Add-ons can also be made before, during or long afterwards. Once the sale is over, ShoWorks takes this data back into your familiar routine for validating, billing and reporting. Many fairs have successfully ran their auctions either completely virtually or as a hybrid of virtual + live this summer using ShoWorks, often exceeding historical gross sales due to the extended reach that the online auction provides. The cost of this extension is a 1% sale commission. Contact info@showorkscloud.com for more information. 

"One of the most successful auctions we'd ever had"
"We had some tough decisions to make with the onset of COVID-19. ...In the end we decided to move forward with a Virtual Show... It was very apparent 10 animals in that this was going to be one of the most successful auctions we'd ever had... Most of our kids did better in this virtual auction than they did in our live auction in the past."
– Shelly Zale, Verde Valley Fair
"We did it!" a Virtual Auction with ShoWorks
"I hope I can catch a lot of you and that you don't cancel your Livestock Show. We did a Virtual Show. We did it! They sent us videos of them watching from their homes."
– Coleen Gilboy, Verde Valley Fair
"It was exciting to close out the auction that night"
"I have used several of the other auction programs along with the show programs and ShoWorks is highly recommended. The customer service is amazing."
– Rosalee Darby, Yavapai County Fairgrounds

We have your back!

Regardless of the current state of our country, we place trust in our industry's enduring 200+ year history which has persevered through the most formidable events of generations before us. Though delayed today, we will eventually resume our joyful communion in the societal reward we call "the fair". It is the essence of our agricultural heritage and will never be compromised. As a result of your confidence in ShoWorks, we have graciously shared over 25 years of this history with you. With God's grace and our hard work ahead of us, we will soon again see the lights of the midway, hear the hustling of livestock, and taste the treats of the concessions. The fair will go on!

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